So you want to be an Economist?

William Thomson's "A Guide for the Young Economist" provides an illustrative guide to both undergraduate's looking to enter grad school, as well as graduate students who find themselves unsure of what the path forward looks like for them. Sadly, I found myself in the later group, but I suggest it for anyone who is looking for a relatively cheap look at what expectations are giong forward. For some, it might disuade them from an Economics PhD, and for others illuminate new paths to improve their graduate experience.

Karen Kelsky's "The Professor is In"

The Professor Is In is a great book by an ex-tenured academic who outlines how graduate students across predominately social sciences can increase their chances of getting a tenure track position. For students who are looking at graduate school, who have just started, or might just be starting dissertation work, this book is heavily suggested. If you are on the job market the book has less value.

John Crawley's "A Guide and Advice for Economics on the US Junior Academic Job Market 2014-2015 Ed"

The paper offers advice to students currently on the job market on what sort of timeline they should set for their work, what to expect at interviews both at conferences and departmental visit. It is a great companion to the second half of Kelskey's "The Professor Is In."

Empirical Research Protocols for Applied Economists